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El-wire photos

We finally had a chance to capture a couple of pictures last night of me bound in the el-wire. This stuff is so cool! I can’t wait to have it woven into some beautiful rope work. I think that will look amazing.



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A new toy came today… what to do with it…?


Review – Picobong Kaya

I haven’t reviewed a toy in a long time for a number of reasons, but when I got the opportunity to test out and review the new PicoBong Kaya rabbit-style vibrator, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. I also knew I was in a unique position to review this product since I already own the LELO Soraya (Kaya’s more expensive LELO sister). I’ll start off by saying I really like both the LELO Soraya and the PicoBong Kaya. I know not everyone is a fan of the rabbit style vibrator but I am. I like dual stimulation and if I can get that in one toy, I’ll take it. Before I received the Kaya I was pretty sure that there was no way I’d ever recommend it over the Soraya but I found myself having second thoughts about that opinion once I had Kaya in my hot little hands.

Basic comparison: There are some obvious physical differences between the Soraya (top) and Kaya (bottom) at first glance but there are some similarities as well. They are both constructed of body safe ABS and matte silicone, have similar controls (plus, minus, mode), and are waterproof. The LELO Soraya is rechargeable and the PicoBong Kaya runs on two AAA batteries. The Soraya has eight vibration modes whereas the Kaya has twelve. The packaging of the PicoBong Kaya is more basic than the LELO Soraya but if you’re like me, packaging isn’t the reason you’re buying this product. One of the biggest differences is price: Base price of the Soraya is $199 and the Kaya is only $89.

Power: Both vibrators have motors in the main body of the toy as well as in the clitoral stimulator. The LELO Soraya feels a bit more powerful than the PicoBong Kaya. The difference, however, doesn’t affect my ability to get off with this toy. I mention it only because I have both toys and can feel a slight difference when I’m holding them at the same time.


Body: The firmness of the two toys is the same, sturdy and unbending. The clitoral stimulators have about the same amount of give and can bend slightly away from the body of the vibrator. As you can see in the top picture, the angle of the clitoral arm is quite different on each toy. While the metal-finish portion of the Soraya is pretty, it is harder to clean than the Kaya due to the seam between the materials. They placed the buttons of the Kaya on the side of the toy whereas the controls of the Soraya are on the top edge of the vibrator, however the +/-/M symbols on the Soraya buttons are raised and easier to feel. Kaya’s symbols are recessed and can be difficult to feel or even see in dim light. In use, the Kaya has a ribbed end cap to hold onto and the Soraya has hole through the body.

Pros – PicoBong Kaya: Smaller price tag than the Soraya, easy to clean, better angle (for me) of the clitoral stimulator, more vibration patterns, and the buttons won’t accidentally get pushed during use (a problem I had with the Soraya).

Cons – PicoBong Kaya: It’s not rechargeable, and while you can use rechargeable batteries, the manual warns that they will cause “decreased vibration intensity”. Occasionally the buttons do not seem to respond to being pushed (this has been an intermittent issue for me and I cannot reproduce it with any regularity). The “manual” is pretty worthless. You’ll learn much more from their website.

I’m pleased to say that I really do enjoy the PicoBong Kaya. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this toy to someone who was in the market for a rabbit-type vibrator. The LELO Soraya is a great vibrator, too, but if you’re looking for something just as good with a less hefty price tag, the Kaya is an excellent choice.

Thank you to the folks at PicoBong for letting me review the Kaya.


Wanton Wednesday – Tied down

A couple weeks ago I ordered some under-bed restraints and finally got to try them out.   Once I strapped her down I put a mask on her and began swatting her across the tits and pussy with the riding crop.  It’s great when she can’t see what’s happening or what’s coming.  Sometimes I just stroked my dick while my eyes drifted across her body.  I’m such a voyeur, I love watching her.

You’ll probably find some pictures below…  you voyeurs.

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Wanton Wednesday – Mirror

Ms. Lilly (creator and host of Wanton Wednesday) called me out on Twitter this morning, mentioning my absence from Wanton Wednesday and wondering if I would play today. How could I NOT after that? Especially since she’s celebrating the 2nd anniversary of WW. I’m so glad she created this fun and sexy space for us to share ourselves each week. Without further ado, here are a couple of shots from the fun we had this evening.







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